Business Funding

We have specialized teams with decades of experience in relevent fields of finance. 


Cannabis businesses have faced challenges in obtaining loans from banks due to the perceived high risk of seizure and stigma associated with the industry. However, there are alternative financing options available for cannabis businesses, such as private lending and business

Beach Business Funding’s Investor and Lender Network offer cannabis lending services and business services to all cannabis businesses in all sectors in all Cannabis open states.

Beach Business Fuinding’s options for cannabis financing include personal loans, home equity lines of credit, business loans or lines of credit, supplier cash advances, credit union loans, equipment financing and leases, and investments from accredited investors.


A critical sector of the economy with heightened prominence since the Covid pandemic, we focus on supporting businesses that have a minimum of 2-3 assets with funding for growth, acquisitions and refinancing purposes.


Digital transformation has become a top priority for many businesses resulting in huge opportunities for technology companies that provide these services.


Beach Business Funding’s Renewable energy lending finances renewable energy projects. Including solar, wind, and biomass fuels, among others. The financing can be used to purchase equipment, pay for installation costs, and cover other expenses associated with renewable energy projects, including project financing and construction.

There are several financing options typically available for renewable energy projects, including green bonds, leases, and loans.

Beach Business Funding can help connect operators with The Rural Energy for America Program (REAP), which is a program that provides guaranteed loans to small businesses and agricultural producers to help them invest in renewable energy systems and energy efficiency improvements.  The program aims to increase the private sector supply of renewable energy and decrease the demand for energy through energy efficiency improvements.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also provides resources on financing renewable energy projects, including information on renewable energy certificates (RECS) *. RECs are market-based instruments that represent the legal property rights to the “renewable-ness” of renewable electricity generation*.

Finally, Beach Business Funding assist operators by getting loans against tax credits and/or selling tax credits.

Funding Solutions

We help mid-sized SMEs pursue their growth plans by creating funding structures to suit their individual requirements.

Whether a business is looking to grow organically or through acquisition we provide asset backed or cashflow term loans from $1m up to $100m.

We support businesses across all sectors based right across the US. We provide funding to businesses right across the US and are agnostic about which sectors we lend to other than property development businesses which we do not fund.

Although we are sector agnostic in our approach to lending, we have specialist teams dedicated to private-equity backed businesses and those in the healthcare sector.


  • Business  US SMEs trading across all sectors excluding property
  • Amount  $20,000 – 5,000,000
  • Repayment Terms  1 – 5 years, amortising and/or balloon
  • Security  1st ranking debenture/ fixed charge over property/ fixed assets/ guarantees Purpose Refinance/ working capital/ asset purchase/ acquisition/ MBOs

How we work

We work exclusively with business advisers such as corporate finance advisers, national and regional accountants, commercial finance brokers and with lower-mid market private equity investors.

By combining our powerful data analytics capabilities with our regionally based business development and credit teams we can very quickly provide an indication of our initial credit appetite for new funding proposals.

Maintaining a personal relationship remains important as we progress through our transparent funding process and beyond.  

Our approach is that of a long-term investor rather than a one-off debt provider; as our clients grow we aim to grow with them.


Personal and local

Our regional business development and credit teams are on hand to give advisers and their clients early indication of credit appetite and transparency throughout the funding process